Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many components to renting vehicles. Please review the most commonly asked questions we get below before contacting us:

Rates vary from time of year and for length of rental. However, our standard rates are posted on our site at all times. To get the most acurate quote, please go to our “Rates” section of our web page or “Book Now” and one of our talented and friendly customer service agents will get back in touch with you. Helping you gain back your accessibility is our mission!

Mobility Van Rentals of Denver is conveniently located just We’re located just southwest of W Evans Ave & S Sante Fe Drive at 2311 S Platte River Dr, Denver CO 80223. We are on the south side of Downtown Denver, right in the heart of the metropolitan city center. We are 29 miles from Denver International Airport (DIA) and just 15 miles from the Centennial Airport.

Yes we do offer this at an extra fee. We delivery any place that’s convenient to you. This list includes: hotels, airports, home, office, Greyhound stations, wherever you need us we’ll be there. Delivery fees vary depending on time of year, time of day and length of rental, and other factors. Contact us today to obtain an acurate quote on delivery and pickup fees.

Mobility Van Rentals of Denver offers the best in modified conversion vehicles. To get more information on these vehicles, please refer to the “Vans” section of our website. There you will find information on the vehicles and their conversion manufactures.

Absolutely! That is the short answer. It does all depend on if you’re filing a claim against your own policy and if you have rental car coverage that will cover our daily fee or if this is a claim against the other parties insurance. The regulation states that The insurance company of the person at fault for the accident, has to put you at the same condition or better. Which means if you are driving a vehicle which has a lift or ramp, hand controls, spinner knob and/or a transfer seat, they have to rent something as close to that as they can. It is important to be nice and explain the situation to the claims adjuster so they not only understand your needs, but comprehend that YOUR vehicle was indeed special and and not a normal van.

Unfortunately, our rentals are limited and must be returned to our Denver, CO location.

No! However, we have a list of contacts of companies that can assist you. Your accessibility and comfort is our goal and business!

You will need to reach out to your insurance and confirm. We require that our vehicle is put on your policy during the period you are renting it. Some people have credit cards that claim to cover rental insurance. From our experience Credit card rental coverage is for damage to the van, not for liability claims against you by people injured in an accident. You must therefore provide your own Personal Automobile Insurance Coverage and if you think your own van insurance covers you for damage to the Mobility Van Rentals of Denver van, consider these facts: Insurance coverage varies depending on the state in which it is issued. Insurance coverage can also vary from insurer to insurer. Your coverage may be limited to the value of the van you own, not the one you’re renting, or the limits of your property damage coverage. Some policies don’t cover rental vans, or cover them only when your van is being repaired. If your insurance doesn’t pay Mobility Van Rentals of Denver in full, you’re still responsible for the remainder.

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